Athletics coaches complete first face-to-face program since border closures

The Oceania Athletics Association Area Development Centre is excited to announce the completion of our first face-to-face Coaches Education and Certification System (CECS) LII Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps since the borders opened for the Pacific Region.

Thirteen (13) participants from nine (9) different Member Federations participated in the course that was held in Nadi, Fiji at the beginning of November.

The Level II course is designed to be an introduction to performance coaching for coaches who have performed well at Level I and have gained a level of coaching specialisation in one of the following five event groups (this course was a hybrid course that specialised in Jumps and Sprints/Hurdles.)

With this specialisation they can begin to meet their Member Federations’ need for high-level coaches. It is anticipated that the majority of Level II participants will continue to Level III. In addition to elements specific to the events group, the Level II syllabus contains core elements which are common to all events. On completion of a Level II course, a coach will be expected to be able to identify and coach the basic competition model for each event within an event group.  The coach will also be expected to be able to plan and implement a series of appropriate micro-cycles, and their respective training sessions within the context of an annual training plan.

Lecturers Nik Hagicostas, Kylie Wheeler and Albert Miller shared their knowledge and expertise
over the course week with the participants.  We look forward to our participants now implementing
what they have learned in their respective countries.