Interview with Artur Papizsanszkij (Head of Digital Engagement & Marketing)

At the heart of teqball’s rise in recent years has been its engagement with players and fans on social media. This activity has led to FITEQ being ranked seventh overall in the BCW International Federation 2020 Social Media Ranking, and second amongst non-Olympic sports.

FITEQ Chairman, Viktor Huszar, was thrilled with the ranking results, noting; “The way in which fans consume sport is changing, with digital platforms becoming an increasingly important way of appealing to athletes and fans, especially younger generations. At FITEQ we truly believe digital content can inspire people to be more active, particularly during the challenges of COVID-19, and we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to do this.”

Leading FITEQ’s digital engagement and marketing strategy is Artur Papizsanszkij. Artur and his team are the driving force behind the daily teqball content that is capturing the imagination of millions of teqers around the world. In the below interview, he shares the secrets behind teqball’s social media success and gives a sneak preview of what to expect in the future!