New leaders in the Pacific

The future of sailing is positive with new strong leadership figures appointed to international governance roles.

World Sailing is the International Sport Federation for sailing; an Olympic sport with a strong and proud history. At their recent Annual Congress new people from Oceania have been appointed to key roles and great contributors are recognised as they move on.

The World Sailing Board of Directors is comprised of a President and seven Vice Presidents. Sarah Kenny (AUS) has won a seat on the board as Vice President ensuring that the international federation maintains its connection with Oceania. Sarah brings with her qualification and significant experience in corporate law, and also twelve years of service on various committees at Word Sailing including its Council. Jan Dawson (NZL) steps down from the board but is thanked and recognised for her contribution there particular to governance reform and its finances.

Jo Aleh (NZL) has been appointed by World Sailing as chairperson of their Athlete’s Commission. The role earns Jo a seat at the Board meetings. Jo brings forward an exceptional record as an athlete as a triple Olympian. Jo first competed in Athens 2008, and then won gold at the London 2012 and silver at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Council is a committee which represents regional groups of member national federations. John Philp (FIJ) and Daniel Belcher (AUS) step into the roles of Council members. Each have experience with the sport and a firm connection into Oceania. Both will serve the interests of the Oceania region with vigour and vim. John and Daniel replace John Tierney (COK) who can only be described as an elder statesman in sailing’s governance, and Sarah Kenny who is elevated to the board. John Tierney is thanked for his remarkable contribution making sure the voice of Oceania is heard and responded to.

The appointments of Sarah Kenny as Vice President, and John Philp and Daniel Belcher as Council members are for four years. More information is available at: