Oceania Fencing update

The new year has brought with it a limited return to normal operations in Oceania Fencing.  New Zealand and Australia have been largely COVID-free thus far in 2021 but for a few minor outbreaks. Competition at a regional level has resumed in both countries with national events planned for 2021. Unfortunately, continued outbreaks in other locations have slowed the progress of development programs that were launched pre-COVID.

A series of webinars teaching the fundamentals of refereeing begun in February. Using Zoom technology, 54 participants from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Guam, American Samoa and Fiji are progressing well and enjoying the sessions.

The Confederation and its Coaching Commission have continued to meet and plan for continued development, including the next series of webinars; “Basics of Individual Coaching”, that will follow the conclusion of the refereeing sessions.

It is with great hope that we look to a return to international competition in 2021 should a Pacific wide bubble become a reality.