Oceania Rugby Pathways Development Model

In line with World Rugby’s vision of promoting the game’s diversity and inclusivity for all, Oceania Rugby has developed a Pathways model for all stakeholders in the game including players, coaches, match officials, volunteers, parents and spectators.


The developed rugby pathways model illustrates examples of player pathways that indicate a ‘lock-step’ approach that not only outlines player pathways but is also a pathways blueprint for all other stakeholders of any age and ability.

Oceania Rugby Participation and Pathways Manager, Tihrani Uluinakauvadra said, “There are various sports development pathways model that exist with some still having that traditional pyramid model that only depicts pathways for those aspiring to play at the elite level.”

“In consultation with some of our rugby Unions, Oceania Rugby staff have developed this simple Rugby Development Pathways model that is inclusive, simple, and flexible for anyone to select his/her pathways. This rugby development models also serves as a blueprint for any rugby union to develop their own,” he added.

The sustainability of the game at the various levels (Participation, Domestic, Performance and Recreational), is led by players and supported by a strong workforce to better service the different programs and competition within the four levels.

“The model also reflects the vast area of work the rugby development officers in our region do, in ensuring that all the four levels of the game (participation, domestic, performance and recreational) are serviced well with qualified administrators, coaches and medical personnel through World Rugby coaching courses,” Uluinakauvadra said.

As the game has evolved, World Rugby has taken on the responsibility to ensure that the pinnacles of the game are achieved through elite performance are driven higher, and the grass root foundations of the game broadened and deepened.

The potential in the strong symbiotic relationship of the game in its development and performance, cannot be reached without the other.

From Oceania Rugby Media Release