Pacific Games

Within the Oceania region there are two multi sport Games held every four years:

The Pacific Games
The Pacific Mini Games

These Games are run by an organising committee within the host nation but under the direction and control of the Pacific Mini Games and the Pacific Games is vested in the Pacific Games Council.

The dates of these Games are fixed so that they can be held alternatively and regularly every two years.

Participating countries and territories include:

America Samoa,
Cook Islands,
Tahiti (French Polynesia),
Federated States of Micronesia,
New Caledonia,
Norfolk Island,
Northern Marianas,
Republic of the Marshall Islands,
Palau, Papua New Guinea,
Solomon Islands,
Wallis and Futuna.

The first South Pacific Games were held in Suva, FIJI, in 1963. The first South Pacific Mini Games were held in Honiara (Solomon Islands) in 1981.

The honour of hosting either of these Games is entrusted to the member of the SPGC and whose members are also financial Members of that Country / Territory, and, all their International Federations that govern the sports on the Games program offered by the host nation.

The SPGC will decide on the venue of the Games. The Charter in force at time the Games are awarded will be operative for the Games in question.

Applications to host either the South Pacific Games or the South Pacific Mini Games shall be in accordance to the procedures of application as set within the By-Laws of the SPGC Charter.

The Games Program shall include only those sports selected by the host Country / Territory from the list of sports in Article XVI of the South Pacific Games By-laws and approved by the South Pacific Games Council. No demonstration sports will be allowed.

Only persons who are eligible under the SPGC Charter and Amateurs according to the rules and regulations laid down by the International Federation of their sport, may compete in the Games.

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