Regional specialists group to develop micro-qualifications for OSEP courses

The Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) has appointed a group of regional specialists to be members of the ONOC Sports Industry Advisory Committee (IAC).

The IAC was established as a result of a collaboration between the Pacific Community (SPC) and ONOC in reference to an OSEP review in early 2020.

OSEP’s Chief Education Officer, Sainimili Saukuru, said that with the influx also of short training provided by sport organisations in the region, there is a need to appropriately develop micro-qualifications and have them recognised.

“The review found that ONOC is not recognised neither as the sport industry lead or a training provider under the regional leaders endorsed Pacific Qualifications Framework (PQF), nor are the OSEP courses registered under the Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards,” she said.

Four of the 14 OSEP courses will now have micro-qualifications produced this year, with the remaining courses completing the same procedure in 2022.

The four courses are (a) Management in Sporting Organisations, (b) Building Better Management, (c) Community Strength and Conditioning Coach, and (d) Development Coach.