General Assembly Overview

The General Assembly is the meeting attended by all Members of the Organisation of Sports Federations of Oceania (OSFO) and is held every year in conjunction with the Assembly of the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC).

Each sport is represented by one or more official office bearers, who bring to the meeting their sport’s contribution to the wider administrative and developmental issues of sport in Oceania.

The General Assembly is the legislative vehicle of OSFO, and has several responsibilities:

  • To adopt or amend the Constitution and regulations of OSFO.
  • Approve the minutes of the last meeting.
  • Elect the Chairman, Secretary General and three other executive members.
  • Approve the budgets, financial statements and the activity report.
  • Set the amount of the subscription for members.
  • Discuss the common issues that are faced by members in their work in the region and bring these to the attention of ONOC and their member NOCs.
  • Assist in the development and facilitation of sport education in the Oceania region.
  • Conduct joint workshops for our members and partner NOCs.