2020 OSFO General Assembly

Further to communications made this year regarding the OSFO General Assembly (AGM), the OSFO Executive believes it will be very difficult for our members to meet face-to-face this year, and has agreed to conduct our AGM by video conferencing use the ‘Zoom’ application.  Below is a letter notifying the OSFO membership that the 2020 AGM will be conducted on Thursday 17 September, 2020, at 1.00 pm AEST. It is anticipated the OSFO General Assembly (AGM) will be under two hours in length.

In order to participate in the OSFO Assembly (AGM) you will need to download the ‘Zoom’ application onto your laptop, iPad or phone. If you have questions on how to download this application please go to Google search and type in ‘Zoom conferencing download’ for assistance.  Alternatively, please contact OSFO directly if you have any problems.

It would be appreciated if OSFO members attending the ‘Zoom’ AGM  could fill out the attached registration form for the 2020 OSFO General Assembly by Thursday 10 September, 2020 and return it to osfo.oceania@gmail.com. 

Additional information regarding the OSFO Assembly will be sent out over the next month.

2020 OSFO General Assembly notification


2020 OSFO Membership Fee

Due to the extraordinary circumstances the COVID-19 pandemic has produced throughout the world and especially within the Pacific region, the OSFO Executive has decided to waive all 2020 OSFO membership fees for this year. The Executive feel it is important that the work our regional sports accomplish each year in the region continues once restrictions are lifted and we are back to delivering sport in Oceania.


2020 OSFO Merit Award nomination form and criteria

Please review the criteria and if your sport believes you have someone that fulfils the nomination criteria please forward their nomination form to the OSFO Secretary General by Sunday 30 August, 2020.

Merit Award Criteria 2020

Merit Award Nomination Form 2020


Annual Reports

Thank you for your contribution to the Annual Report this year, which was completed this past March. We are endeavouring to secure a soft copy of the ONOC and OSFO Annual Report, which will be distributed to our members prior to the OSFO Assembly (AGM) on the Thursday 17 September, 2020.


Agenda and Documents for the OSFO Assembly (AGM)

Over the next month the agenda and documents required for the OSFO Assembly will be sent to you directly.