Vision & Mission

OSFO Vision

“To create an environment that assists our members to enhance the role of sport in communities in the Oceania region.”

“Our technical sport expertise will be highly regarded and our united voice will be relevant, effective and influential in the region.”

OSFO Mission

  •  Be a collective voice for Oceania sport across key technical and development issues, and represent the common interests of Oceania sports to increase participation and performance.
  • Build and foster relationships with ONOC, NOCs, the Pacific Games Council, governments and other key stakeholders, to harness the region’s full sporting potential.
  • We will have a sustainable and strong revenue base, and be efficient with our resources.
  • We will have best practice principles across our administration and delivery of services.
  • Provide an advocacy role in promoting sport and its importance across society, particularly in terms of health and wellbeing.
  • Share our expertise and knowledge, and be a vital resource for sporting organisations and federations.
  • Have respect for diverse cultures, religions and people in Oceania.