Australia is a dependable partner for Oceania sport; ONOC Call to Action

Australia, as a dependable partner, has a crucial role to play in supporting Oceania’s aspirations to succeed at the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games (B2032).

Robin Mitchell, President of the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC), when speaking at ONOC’s inaugural B2032 Conference, Step-Up Oceania, said, “Australia has always been a dependable partner for Oceania and we hope this partnership will continue to grow.”

“The B2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be a moment of great significance for Oceania, and we must ensure that our region is well-prepared to deliver excellent results.

“We are here to discuss and mobilise the planning and delivery of Oceania’s plan for the B2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, and New Zealand also has a significant role to play in the legacy of the B2032 Games.”

President Mitchell applauded the Australian Federal Government, the Queensland State Government, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), the Oceania Paralympic Committee (OPC) and Paralympics Australia for their vision and inclusiveness in making B2032 ‘A Games for Oceania’.

ONOC’s B2032 ‘Creating a Home Games Advantage’ guiding strategy

President Mitchell shared that with ten years to go, ONOC had announced its guiding strategy, titled, ‘Creating a Home Games Advantage’ on 22 July, 2022, kickstarting collaborations with key partners and stakeholders.

This was announced about nine months ago, on the same day that Australia launched its ‘Green & Gold Runway to Brisbane 2032’.

President Mitchell said; “This ‘Home Games’ has the potential to make a tangible mark in the long-term human legacy for the entire Oceania region, and it highlights our primary objective of improving the performance of Oceania at the B2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”‍

Oceania’s practical approach to B2032

President Mitchell reiterated that; “One of the key objectives of the ONOC inaugural B2032 Step-Up Oceania Conference is to build a stronger and more ambitious framework for Oceania’s preparations for the B2032 Games.”

“We must begin by acknowledging that there are many challenges to overcome, including logistical issues, infrastructure and finance.

“However, we must also recognise that Oceania has a wealth of natural resources, talent and experience that it can bring to the B2032 Games, and the conference is designed to create dialogue and push momentum in every country to truly transform Oceania into a sporting powerhouse.”

The Call to Action

ONOC President Mitchell said the inaugural conference is; “A call to action for the region’s leaders to harness the true potential of Pacific athletes and para-athletes, and create sustainable sporting legacies through a long-term, structured preparation of Oceania athletes.”

“We are committed to investing in the development of our athletes, coaches and technical officials, including those in para-sports.

“We must ensure that our training programmes are world-class and that our athletes can compete on a level playing-field with their international peers.

“This is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy for the next generation of athletes in Oceania, and we must open all doors of opportunity.”

The coming work through partnerships

President Mitchell continues; “A lot of work is needed to ensure that B2032 is remembered as the Games that gave the Pacific Islands a new way of thinking, a new level of outcomes, and new levels of performance that have never been seen before.”

“We must work on building better relationships with the wider Olympic community – there is already a strong sense of camaraderie within our region, but we can do more to engage with the rest of the world.

“We must be proactive in building alliances, sharing knowledge, and promoting our achievements.”

Article adapted from ONOC website.