Fencing resumes in Oceania

Throughout September and October, fencing federations in Oceania have been returning to various levels of activity.

Competition has been conducted in a number of Australian states, and in New Zealand, Zone Championships will be scheduled for 2021.  Many member nations are still in lockdown, with borders remaining closed.

The Oceania Fencing Confederation (OFC) continues regular Zoom meetings to maintain continuity and plan for future development.

Ten sets of competition uniforms and protective equipment, as well as an electric scoring apparatus with spools, were donated to the Fiji Fencing Federation by the OFC.  This has enabled Fiji Fencing to conduct competitive training and work towards future competition.

OFC Regional Development Officer, Leon Thomas, has been conducting a series of weekly coaching sessions with coaches in Fiji using Zoom technology.  These have been well received and represent a new approach to fencing coaching and participation in the region.