New Federation of Touch (FIT) Board announced

On November 6, 2021, the Federation of International Touch (FIT) adopted a new constitution and at the same time elected a Board of Directors to take the sport forward.

FIT would like to introduce and congratulate the new FIT Board Members; Michael Abromowitz from Switzerland, England’s Mark Croston, Topy Xu from China and Australians Aaron Jones and Peter Topp.

A long-term president of China Touch Association, Topy Xu, said he is delighted to be the second-ever member of the FIT Board from Asia after Alex Tsang from Hong Kong.

Topy said; “I can’t wait to get going, and I’m looking forward to working with my fellow board members.

“My top priority is to reach out to all National Touch Organisations (NTOs), and I’m excited about giving back to the game.”

Aaron Jones, who joined the FIT Board in 2015, is honoured to have won another term.

“I’m humbled by the members that have elected me, and I look forward to representing all their interests and taking the sport forward into the future.”

New Swiss-based director, Michael Abromowitz, said the election result also humbled him.

“I’m excited that the membership has overwhelming voted for not only myself but also the other four candidates, who they deem to be suitable to carry the sport forward for the next few years and that the sport grows in the way all our members want.”

Besides looking forward to the first meeting with his fellow directors, Michael Abromowitz said he would ensure that the new Board will look for ways to enhance its communication channels with all NTOs.

Outgoing Secretary General, Bill Ker, who first joined the FIT Board in 1989, said; “I believe the members have made an excellent choice in selecting the five directors to take our sport forward.

“The skillsets of Topy, Michael, Mark, Aaron and Peter will carry on the hard work of the previous Board for the benefit of all our members.

“In closing, I wish to state that twenty-eight years of volunteer service to the Federation of International Touch has been a very rewarding experience, none so more than my involvement with the Oceania region.

“To witness the successful growth and development in the region and the welcome I have always received from the Oceania National Touch Associations when I have travelled there or at events is and always will be my fondest memories.  The people involved with the sport of touch in Oceania are my closest touch family.”

FIT Member Relations Commission, Rhonda Togipau said; “On behalf of the Oceania National Touch Associations, we would like to thank Bill Ker for his long-standing commitment and mahi for the development of our sport. He is a great ambassador of Touch that has laid the foundations on which we will build and continue to maintain the high standards he strived to accomplish”.