OGU welcomes Guam Gymnastics Federation to the world stage

The Oceania Gymnastics Union (OGU) would like to congratulate Guam Gymnastics Federation for being granted definitive membership of the International Gymnastics Federation (the FIG) at its 83rd Congress in Turkey.

Since the first Oceania Gymnastics development visit to Guam in 2015, OGU has been providing support to coaches, judges, and gymnasts to develop gymnastics in the country. The Guam Gymnastics Federation was accepted as a provisional member of the FIG in May 2019 and of the Oceania Gymnastics Union in September 2019.

“I want to thank the Oceania Gymnastics Union for all of its help and guidance in forming the Guam Gymnastics Federation. Their assistance in helping us to put together our community development plan, our constitution and by-laws, and in helping us get accepted into the Guam National Olympic Committee has been invaluable.

“The OGU has also assisted us with development funding, with equipment, and with online resources we never would have had access to without its help. OGU has done a fantastic job in promoting gymnastics among Pacific Island nations. We are extremely grateful for these efforts,” said Guam Gymnastics Federation President, Jayne Flores.

“Since the Oceania Gymnastics Union was formalised in 2018, we have seen the establishment of three new Federations in Tonga, Papua New Guinea, and now Guam. This is a wonderful achievement for the region as we continue to look to build the capacity and capability of our member federations.

“We look forward to welcoming more federations in the coming years and see more people enjoy gymnastics in the Oceania region,” said Kitty Chiller AM, OGU President.