Sailing is a well-governed game

At the Annual General Meeting of World Sailing, representatives from Oceania spoke and voted in favour of significant governance reform within sailing’s international federation. Joining sailing representatives from all over the world were Sandra King Young from American Samoa, David Abercrombie from New Zealand, Matt Allen from Australia, and John Tierney from the Cook Islands.

Maria Clarke, an internationally renowned sports lawyer also from New Zealand, led the commission that drafted the proposal. The reforms sought to bring in significant constitutional changes, making decision-making in the international federation more efficient and effective. Committee structures would change, there would have been clearer lines between technical, Olympic and development interests, and conflicts of interest addressed.

The voting required 75% support, and whilst a majority of those present were in support, it fell short with a 64% approval. The international federation will continue working on the improvements by calling for further input and having an extra ordinary meeting soon.

Other sports wanting to read more about the governance reform can go to for information.