Sport industry meet for sport education micro-qualifications endorsement

The Oceania Sport Education Programme (OSEP) held its Meeting for Stakeholder Endorsement of Micro-Qualifications from in June earlier this year in Nadi, Fiji.  It was conducted in a hybrid blended format including in-person and online participants from across the Oceania continent.

Three micro-qualifications; Sports Management, Strength and Conditioning, and Technical Coaching, were undergoing the process of stakeholder endorsement via a diverse group of regional Pacific technical experts from National Olympic Committees, National Federations, Sports Ministries, Games Officials, Training Providers, and other stakeholders including retired elite athletes turned coaches and entrepreneurs in the sports sector.

Some of OSEP’s key partners include regional and national sports federations, the Pacific Games Council (PGC), Organisation of Sports Federations of Oceania (OSFO), and ONOC Commissions were also involved.

Led by the Pacific Community’s (SPC’s) Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP), ONOC ‘s OSEP team and the Sports Industry Advisory Committee (IAC), the meeting underscored the importance of micro-qualifications in meeting specific industry needs and seek the feedback and endorsement of the micro-qualifications.

The three micro-qualifications are part of fourteen to be developed in the ONOC-SPC partnership. There is also scope for more based on industry experts input from this meeting.

Some of the key elements the meeting examined included an assessment of whether adequate volume, depth, and coverage is achieved for the micro-qualifications at each stated level, and whether the learning outcomes provide sufficient competencies for graduates to take up occupations reflected in the List of Occupations.

It also explored whether the micro-qualifications appropriately serve the needs of the respective industry sector.

The meeting also garnered feedback on the willingness of Training Providers to deliver the micro-qualifications in their institutions, and be open to revision should this be required.

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Article adapted from the ONOC website.