Vashti works to change gender perspectives through rugby in Nauru

Vashti Adam is a community development officer and coach for the Nauru Rugby Inclusion Impact Program, which is delivered in partnership by Nauru Rugby Union, Oceania Rugby and Rugby Australia, and supported by the Australian Government’s Team Up.

The program uses rugby union as a tool to challenge gender stereotypes and seeks to improve the prospects, inclusion and empowerment of women and girls in Nauru.

As a former national track athlete, Vashti recently shared how the program is having a positive impact towards instilling respect and changing gender perspectives in Nauru.

“The children that have participated in our program have shown a lot of changes in their discipline. Some of these changes include being more attentive, punctual, participating fully, and the boys are more respectful of girls as the sessions progress.”

Read how Vashti is helping to achieve this and more, here: